Lost My Baby Weight

I was very nervous about having a personal trainer. I was fourteen weeks postpartum and over 21lbs heavier than before I became pregnant. My husband researched and booked Jon as a Christmas present. I was desperate to lose my baby weight and wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again. I didn’t want to redefine myself as 21lbs heavier!

How it works

On my initial training session I was incredibly nervous but Jon quickly put me at ease. He listened to me and alleviated any concerns I had which mainly related to how unfit I had become during my pregnancy. After a thorough assessment of my fitness and capability, I received an easy to follow exercise and nutritional plan. Each training session I had with Jon was testing but always achievable. At no point did I feel I was being pushed to do something that I wasn’t physically capable of doing. There were weeks where life events got in the way (lack of sleep mainly) and I was unable to achieve every single training session that was in my plan. I was always honest with Jon and he never made me feel guilty rather he was incredibly understanding and supportive.

My Results

After 14 training sessions, I have gained an incredible amount of fitness, lost the 21lbs and I have a much better understanding on what constitutes a good diet. I cannot recommend Jon enough; he has been fantastic and has managed to get me to where I wanted to be when I thought it was going to be completely unachievable.

Rachael (36), Leamington Spa

Life Changing Weight Loss

I initially signed up for 12 sessions with Jon after discussing my goals and requirements. Jon laid out an easy to follow nutrition plan and took me through each workout in detail making sure my technique was correct and the weights were right for my ability. From there, we were able to tweak areas of the diet and work around problem areas of the workout as the weeks progressed. You hear stories of trainers who shout and scream at you: "No pain, no gain!" but actually, if you injure yourself, you won't be 'gaining' anything until you're healed! Jon is a great motivator and is constantly looking out for your well-being. He genuinely wants to see you succeed and meet your goals.

I lost over 2 stone after the first 12 sessions and signed up for another 12. The second batch of 12 was great, we switched up the exercises and tweaked various parts of the diet to ensure I was getting the right amount of energy and nutrition to supplement the workouts. I'm not a morning person at all, but I had no trouble getting out of bed for Jon because it was always going to be a great workout!

So far I've lost nearly 4 stone this year and have taken on Jon's instruction not as a 'diet' in the traditional sense, but as my daily routine. I've learned so much about nutrition and exercise that I'm able to address issues with my diet and nutrition and also create my own workouts with confidence.

As cliché as it sounds, it has been a life-changing experience training with Jon this year. There's nothing more rewarding than putting in the effort and not only seeing the results for yourself, but friends, family and co-workers noticing the results as well.

Training with Jon has been worth every penny and I'd do it all again without hesitation (although hopefully I won't need to!).

Mike (28), Leamington Spa 

Goodbye Knee & Back Pain!

I had Jon as my PT for the last 6 months before moving away from the area. I'd had a PT in the past but had lapsed in my fitness over the last two years. I also had a back and knee problem so Jon had his work cut out for him.

Jon expertly guided me through a range of programmes which not only targeted my overall fitness aims, but also strengthened my problem areas to such an extent that my back and knee pain have almost disappeared. I think the main difference with Jon compared to my last PT was that he changed the workouts more regularly so that my body didn't get too used to it and I was always aching days after a session which strangely I loved! Jon also created a training plan for me to do on my own in between our sessions.

I feel that PT to Jon is far more than a job. It's a passion and it is obvious that he is always researching bits and pieces of interesting information outside of the sessions that he thinks might be helpful and motivating. He has a knack for getting the most out of you, even on those days when you just don't feel like it. Apart from all of this, Jon is a great guy, my only complaint being that he's not portable to London.

Vanessa (46), Leamington Spa 

Found My Mojo!

15 years dedicated to my business had taken a toll on my self esteem and physical appearance.  I wasn’t happy with myself and I'd totally lost my mojo. My weight had catapulted from 12 stone to 15 stone 10 pounds.

So I finally decided to contact Jon. I told him how I felt and he said he could definitely help me. Wow what a gentleman. His knowledge of how the body responds to exercise and diet is second to none and he makes it easy to understand.

I loved the training with Jon - the workouts were structured so well that by an end of session I couldn’t believe how much I had achieved in one hour. As well as the training he totally re-educated me on my eating habits, which has set me up for life.

My fitness levels have gone through the roof. And best of all, I’ve got my mojo back! I can’t go through the week now without watching my sugar and carb intake and hitting the gym or road running at least 3 times.

The magic of Personal Training

With the magic of Jon and his personal training, I am down from 15 stone 10 pounds to 13 stone 8 pounds. What a great feeling. I now feel educated to look after my own body and health, and my new goal is 13 stone. 

Thanks Jon. 

Mick (53), Leamington Spa


8 Week Bikini Body

I asked Jon if he could design me the ‘ultimate bikini programme’ as we were going to the Maldives and I wanted my bikini body to look super lean and toned. Unfortunately this programme was to commence at the most awkward time of year for our upcoming holiday….. the festive season!

I have to admit when Jon turned up and showed me this bikini programme I had requested, it filled me with slight trepidation! The programme was different to any other I had completed. Jon had changed my nutrition programme to a higher fat intake, lots of oily fish…. I hate fish!!!

Until I met Jon in the summer of 2014 I had never really had fats in my diet due to eating disorders in the past. With his help and amazing knowledge of nutrition he has helped me to understand that healthy fats are not bad for me and are much needed in getting the figure and shape I desire. 

So I began my programme the week before Christmas of all times!! There’s supposed to be no ‘cheat’ days in this 6 week programme!After completing my first week I had already noticed a big change in my figure. Amazing feeling!

I was as good as I could have been over Christmas… few glasses of fizz and nibbles here and there, still determined that I’m going to look fab in my bikini!

My 6 week programme turned into 8 weeks as I had started it earlier. These last two weeks have been the hardest training sessions I faced yet, but my god it’s been worth it!

Jon can really help you achieve your goals all you have to do is give 100 % effort back. He is always quick to respond to any questions I had regarding my diet/exercises and give words of praise and encouragement back to my photo updates which I was excited to send him on a weekly basis!!

He has helped transform my shape in 8 weeks ! I can’t recommend this guy enough, we have already booked in my next training programme, I’m sure I will be training with Jon for years to come!

Thanks so much Jon 

Bikini Body 2Bikini Body 4Bikini Body

Lyndsey (38), Long Itchington