12 years of experience

About Jon Bell

I am a highly experienced personal trainer with over 10 years working in the fitness industry. I specialise in weight loss and body transformation using kettlebells, free weights and boxing. Over the years I have helped a large number of clients lose weight, drop body fat and improve their general fitness and health through my one to one personal training sessions. In conjunction with my one to one business I am now training online clients from all over the world. Their success has been made possible through my state of the art mobile personal training app.

Would you like to be my next success story? To get started all you have to do is message me......then I’ll do the rest!

Level 3 Personal Training Certificate (UK)
Kettlebell Instructor
Boxing Instructor

Services Offered

  • Home Personal Training
  • Online Personal Training
  • Women's and Men's Fitness
  • Weight Loss / Body Transformation
  • Boxing & Kettlebell Coaching
  • Muscle and Strength Gain
  • Personalised Nutrition and Meal Plans

Mode of Training

  • One to One Personal Training at your home *
  • One to One Boxing Coaching at your home *
  • Home Couples Training
  • Online Personal Training wherever you like via a bespoke training app on your phone
  • Or a Blended Training approach combining One to One sessons and Online training

* all equipment provided